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Process Improvement

CEOs must manage constraints on resources, time, and budget while also meeting or exceeding professional standards set for their agency. Process improvement is an investment that eases these constraints.

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We can provide customized packages and documentation to suit the needs of your agency. Process Improvement is an evolutionary process that requires collaboration and cooperation of all parties in order to be successful. Our consultants are highly skilled at facilitating this type of communication.

1. Learn the existing process. Our consultants will work closely with your on-site staff to understand the procedures, goals and process that are currently in existence. Careful examination and understanding of all documentation and directives is essential to design an effective plan moving forward.

2. Identify opportunities. When procedures have been in place for a long time, they may get bogged down with unnecessary or highly manual tasks that can create a time drag. Or, it may not take advantage of available technology. We can assist with reducing steps to completion, simplifying complex procedures, automating manual tasks and minimizing errors.

3. Design and document the solution. Our hands-on approach facilitates a positive and collaborative environment when it comes to new processes. Let's face it, we are all resistant to change to something unfamiliar. However, we design solutions with YOU in mind, and create all the necessary documentation to help guide users through the adjustment period.

4. Train users. We assist necessary personnel to become highly familiar with the new process or software, and provide overview level understanding for supervisors and leaders. Desktop procedures are provided as requested and process manuals are updated.

5. Guided launch. BlueIQ Law Enforcement Consultants guide the implementation of new solutions as well as options for continual remote support.

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