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Process Improvement

CEOs must manage constraints on resources, time, and budget while also meeting or exceeding professional standards set for their agency. Process improvement is an investment that eases these constraints.

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We can provide customized packages and documentation to suit the needs of your agency. Process Improvement is an evolutionary process that requires collaboration and cooperation of all parties in order to be successful. Our consultants are highly skilled at facilitating this type of communication.

1. Learn the existing process. Our consultants will work closely with your on-site staff to understand the procedures, goals and process that are currently in existence. Careful examination and understanding of all documentation and directives is essential to design an effective plan moving forward.

2. Identify opportunities. When procedures have been in place for a long time, they may get bogged down with unnecessary or highly manual tasks that can create a time drag. Or, it may not take advantage of available technology. We can assist with reducing steps to completion, simplifying complex procedures, automating manual tasks and minimizing errors.

3. Design and document the solution. Our hands-on approach facilitates a positive and collaborative environment when it comes to new processes. Let's face it, we are all resistant to change to something unfamiliar. However, we design solutions with YOU in mind, and create all the necessary documentation to help guide users through the adjustment period.

4. Train users. We assist necessary personnel to become highly familiar with the new process or software, and provide overview level understanding for supervisors and leaders. Desktop procedures are provided as requested and process manuals are updated.

5. Guided launch. BlueIQ Law Enforcement Consultants guide the implementation of new solutions as well as options for continual remote support.

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  • What is Accreditation?
    Accreditation in the context of law enforcement is the status awarded to an agency which has voluntarily submitted to meet a third-party, defined set of professional standards. Those standards may require the following: A comprehensive written directive system that clearly define authority, performance, and responsibilities of the agency and its employees Reports and analyses to make fact-based and informed management decisions Preparedness to address natural or man-made critical incidents Community relationship-building to improve legitimacy of policing Independent review by subject matter experts Continuous pursuit of excellence through external assessment measures
  • Why should my agency pursue accreditation?
    Accreditation encourages excellence while providing tangible and measurable results in achieving that goal. By pursuing accreditation on a state or national level, you can expect many benefits including: 1. Increased support from municipal and government officials. By conforming to objective standards, an accredited agency demonstrates their commitment to excellence, resource management, and service delivery. In turn, this inspires the confidence of government authorities in the agency's ability to efficiently and effectively serve the community. 2. Improved legitimacy in the community.Accreditation programs create opportunities for law enforcement and private citizens to work together to prevent and control challenges in the community and improve dialogue. 3. Reduction in risk, liability, and costs. Accredited agencies may see a decline in legal actions against them and are better able to defend themselves against civil lawsuits if they do arise. Many agencies also report lower costs for liability insurance or even reimbursement of the fees associated with accreditation. 4. Accountability.Accreditation standards make up a proven system that supports high-level decision making, resource allocation, and professional policing.
  • How can we improve our existing accreditation process?
    Accreditation should be an asset to an agency, not a burden. BlueIQ consultants help streamline processes within existing accreditation frameworks to reduce workload and improve the effectiveness of an agency's accreditation program. Digital solutions, workflow management, as well as remote support can transform a cumbersome process into a low-effort, high-yield program.
  • What type of support can BlueIQ provide for our accreditation program?
    BlueIQ will partner with your agency in launching a new accreditation program or supporting and improving your existing accreditation process. If your agency is interested in becoming accredited, BlueIQ consultants will assist you every step of the way. From determining which accreditation programs meet the needs of your agency, to identifying challenges and gaps, conducting preliminary evaluations and mock assessments, our consultants are experienced and highly skilled. Accreditation is a long term project and we support agencies on a continuing basis. Once a department acheives accredited status, it takes attention and skill to maintain that status - but it should not take away from valuable resources elsewhere. BlueIQ consultants provide remote support, digital mock assessments, on-site training events, hands-on tutoring, process improvement, and much more to ensure that our client agencies are able to retain the status they've worked hard to achieve. Let us know how we can help your Accreditation program today.

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