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Inspections and Audits

Third-party inspections and audits are completed by independent consultants. Reliable and accurate reports produced by a neutral party inspires confidence in the results.

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"Inspect What You Expect"

Regardless of the quality of an agency's written policy, inspecting and auditing real-world compliance is essential.

Leaders who regularly conduct inspections and audits, can ensure that expectations are being met and take proactive measures where there is opportunity for improvement.


We can provide customized packages and reporting to suit the needs of your agency. Inspections and audits can be conducted on a one-off basis, on a regular interval according to procedure or as a launch/hand-off. 

1. One-off or Single Study Audits and Inspections. Our consultants will work closely with your on-site staff to establish expectations for reporting and procedures, as well as deadlines. We are committed to independent, unbiased and accurate results that community leaders can place their confidence in.

2. Regular Interval Audits and Inspections. Agencies facing budgetary and resource constraints may find it more feasible to complete required inspections in a timely and accurate way by engaging our services. We can work with your agency to make sure that all deadlines are met, and regular audits are completed on schedule. The reporting required will be certified as complete and accurate.

3. Launch/Hand-Off Audits and Inspections. Continual process improvement is a core tenet of BlueIQ. We can relieve the constraints on an agency's resources by designing and launching a sustainable audit and inspection process.


Working closely with the end-users as well as leadership, BlueIQ Law Enforcement Consultants do the following:

  • Understand the requirements of the agency

  • Identify opportunities to streamline or automate a process

  • Implement software solutions where applicable

  • Train users

  • Guide users during a phased launch of new procedures

  • Produce documentation and reporting

Get started today with an initial consultation and quote for services. 


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