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Strategic Planning

Without a thoughtfully articulated roadmap for the future, the decision process becomes reactionary. Agencies with a  carefully constructed strategic plan are able to respond to changing circumstances without compromising guiding principles or sacrificing future goals.

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The Strategic Planning Process

Even the best laid plans can be interrupted or derailed by the unexpected. This is why strategic planning is a process that must be continual.

By collaborating with leadership to establish a vision or set of long term goals, BlueIQ Law Enforcement Consultants  work with an agency to develop a unique framework. This new set of parameters allows current and future leaders to make decisions, operate day-to-day, and solve immediate problems with the "big picture" in mind.

The strategic plan is then something that can be modified and evaluated as the cycle is repeated on an annual basis.


We can provide customized packages and documentation to suit the needs of your agency. Strategic Planning is closely linked with several of the other consultant services we offer. Why invest in a strategic plan?

1. Avoid waste. Reactionary decision making often results in resources being allocated with only short-term consequences in mind. Over time, this can manifest itself in "organizational drag" or an overly bureaucratized agency. 

2. Document achievements. Agencies that have communities as their allies can easily demonstrate how they are committed to continual improvement, as well as how they have set and achieved goals.

3. Effective decision-making. CEO's, command staff and leadership personnel are empowered to act decisively when a clear framework of expectations is established and agreed upon. 

Strategic planning is integral within well-run organizations. Visions and goals that may exist in an abstract way may not become achievable until a roadmap is documented. Working towards these goals and accomplishing them in tangible ways aligns an agency with its community leaders.

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