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Software Implementation

Manual tasks, unsupported software, and limited man-power can all be motivating factors when it comes to pursuing technological solutions. BlueIQ Law Enforcement Consultants are experienced professionals that can assist with the transition to new software.

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Pain-Free IT Transitions

Change is difficult. It can be even more daunting when a technological change is on the horizon. Re-learning processes, unfamiliar tools and dashboards are just a few of the unsavory components of upgrading or switching software.

Our consultants work closely to assist law enforcement agencies in the selection of IT vendors, project design, and management of the changes associated with digitization.


We can provide customized packages and documentation to suit the needs of your agency. Software Implementation can often be closely linked with many of our other consultant services. Working with BlueIQ Law Enforcement Consultants ensures that your software initiatives relieve strain on resources instead of adding work. Here is a summary of how we can help:

  1. Conduct analyses to identify manual processes that can be eliminated or made less error-prone through automation. Read more about process improvement here.

  2. Match requirements of an agency to the software that best suits those needs (instead of the other way around)

  3. Configure software to the unique needs identified

  4. Train users thoroughly on new workflows

  5. Document procedures for future reference and knowledge redundancy

PowerDMS is a popular software tool that can be used in a variety of applications like streamlining compliance. We specialize in assisting agencies launch or optimize their existing PowerDMS setups to make accreditation and compliance simple and easy.

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