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in policing.

Regardless of your jurisdiction, the size of your force, or the type of crime you fight – your agency can be a flagship department for professionalism.

Nicholas Haupt, BlueIQ Law Enforcement Consulting

Meet Nicholas Haupt - an accreditation expert with 15 years of experience in law enforcement and certifications/training from ANAB, CFA, IALEP, FQS, and CALEA working to improve and expand accreditation and professional standards at law enforcement agencies across the country.

Nicholas works with clients such as local police departments, sheriffs, campus law enforcement, forensic laboratories, and other agencies who are pursuing professional goals of improving quality, efficiency and compliance.

With the assistance of his network of experts ranging from current and law enforcement officers and command staff, attorneys, and specialized forensics positions; Nicholas works hands-on with executive level command staff as well as line employees to achieve goals in accreditation, process improvement, compliance, audits, inspections and more.

If your agency is interested in adopting an accreditation program like CALEA, state accreditation, ISO 17020/17025 certifications, or others, we can help you construct a policy manual, gather proofs, and even create a workflow that reduces strain on your existing resources.​​

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Accreditation in the context of law enforcement is the status awarded to an agency which has voluntarily submitted to meet a third-party, defined set of professional standards.

Whether you are pursuing accredited status for the first time, or are looking to improve or expand your existing accreditation program - we can help.

Our consultants have experience with national agencies such as CALEA, as well as state-level, forensic lab and more.

Professional Consulting
Support for State & National Programs
Forensic Laboratory Accreditation
On-Site & Remote Assistance
CALEA Conference Presenter
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Policy manuals, proofs and accreditation files that are built on digital platforms can streamline the workflow and make the assessment process easy.

During a mock assessment, seasoned accreditation professionals provide valuable feedback to find and correct critical errors prior to your on-site assessment.


Inspections and Audits

Independent inspections and audits are an excellent opportunity for an agency to increase transparency with government and citizens and ensure internally that critical functions are running smoothly.

As a neutral third party, our consultants can perform audits that provide confidence in the integrity of the results. We can also evaluate existing audit and inspection controls to be sure that the quality of inspections performed will continue at a high level long after we leave.

Process Improvement

Process improvement involves the analysis of a task or procedure from start to finish and determining if there is a more efficient way of completing it. This is often referred to as LEAN or kaizen in different fields.

Our consultants work with top-level as well as line employees to identify opportunities for improving the efficiency of various agency tasks, documenting protocols and implementing automated functions in the place of manual tasks.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning involves analyzing the immediate and long-term strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to an agency and then formulating acheivable, quantifiable goals that can be used to measure successes.

Creating a roadmap for the future often falls to the wayside when competing against caring for the day-to-day issues that face departments. Our consultants help relieve that burden by collaborating with heads of agency to clearly define their vision into documented, achievable goals and the steps it will take to get there.

Software Implementation

BlueIQ consultants can help your agency find software solutions to meet your operational needs. We can assist with some of the following tasks:


  • Identifying vendors and helping to select the best product

  • Leveraging existing software systems to meet agency needs

  • Creating custom software solutions

Our consultants can not only help implement software, but also document desktop procedures and train employees. Streamlining or automating manual tasks is an investment that pays dividends over time.



Best practice inspection policies and processes on a one-off or interval basis.


Third-party independent audits conducted with certified results.

Process Improvement

Evaluate and redesign existing processes to relieve strain on resources.

Strategic Planning

Align day-to-day decision making with the overall vision and goals of community and agency leaders.

Software Implementation

Seamless software launches with documented requirements, process mapping, configuration and more.

BlueIQ Law Enforcement Consulting

Blue IQ Law Enforcement Consulting Logo
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