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Regardless of your jurisdiction, the size of your force, or the type of crime you fight – your agency can be a flagship department for professionalism.

What is BlueIQ?
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We are expert law enforcement consultants based out of Boca Raton, FL working to improve and expand accreditation at agencies across the country.

Our clients include police departments, sheriffs, campus law enforcement and other agencies who are pursuing professional goals of improving quality, efficiency and compliance.

We assist by working hands-on with executive level command staff as well as line employees to achieve goals in accreditation, process improvement, compliance, audits, inspections and more.

If your agency is interested in adopting an accreditation program like CALEA, state accreditation, or others, we can help you construct a policy manual, gather proofs, and even create a workflow that reduces strain on your existing resources.​​


Best practice inspection policies and processes on a one-off or interval basis.

Process Improvement

Evaluate and redesign existing processes to relieve strain on resources.

Policy manuals, proofs and accreditation files that are built on digital platforms can streamline the workflow and make the assessment process easy.


Strategic Planning

Align day-to-day decision making with the overall vision and goals of community and agency leaders.

During a mock assessment, seasoned accreditation professionals provide valuable feedback to find and correct critical errors prior to your on-site assessment.


Third-party independent audits conducted with certified results.