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BlueIQ Partners with PowerDMS

BlueIQ Law Enforcement Consulting has partnered with PowerDMS, an industry leader in document management and accreditation software services.

PowerDMS is one of the largest providers of accreditation and electronic policy manual software in the law enforcement industry. If you are currently accredited or seeking to be accredited, there's a high likelihood that you are using PowerDMS.

PowerDMS also provides electronic document management systems that allow your policy manual to be viewed and signed off by employees or viewed by your citizens.

Why Does This Matter to You?

BlueIQ Chief Consultant Nicholas Haupt has now been recognized as a PowerDMS Certified Professional. This means he has gone through rigorous training and testing to ensure he is proficient in the configuration, use, and best practices of all functions of the software service.

If you are an agency currently utilizing PowerDMS, when was the last time you had an audit of your site to ensure you're fully utilizing the features you're paying for? If you are looking to purchase PowerDMS and set up a new site, how will you ensure you start off on the right foot?

Contact us today for a PowerDMS "checkup" to see what our consultants can do for you.

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