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BlueIQ Featured in PowerDMS Series on Policy Management

Give Your Policy Manual a Tune-Up with These Suggestions

Policy writing is a fundamental process for agencies to establish guidelines and standards for their operation and the conduct of their employees. Most law enforcement agencies recognize the need to write some form of policy manual. Fewer agencies take the time to regularly review and improve them.

Why do some agencies not take the time to engage in this critical activity? Often it boils down to roadblocks like time, resources, and expertise. PowerDMS recently wrote a series of articles on 12 Crucial Law Enforcement Policies which featured topics in which law enforcement agencies really ought to take a second look at, along with pointers on how to write effective policies. BlueIQ Chief Consultant Nicholas Haupt was interviewed for several of the articles in the series.

Read the featured articles here:

Policy review and management is crucial to the effective operation of your law enforcement agency - especially if you are accredited. Don't let roadblocks get in the way of you having an relevant, timely policy manual. BlueIQ can help you with all your policy management needs: from setting up a policy manual, reviewing your current manual, or establishing a mechanism for routine reviews. Contact us today to get more information or a customized plan for your agency.


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