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What is BlueIQ?

Handshake - BlueIQ Law Enforcement Consultant

BlueIQ is a law enforcement consulting firm specializing in:


Inspections and Audits

Process Improvement

Strategic Planning

Software Implementation

We assist law enforcement organizations across the United States in achieving high level results without compromising the availability of front line personnel. Our consultants have decades of experience in a variety of roles at premier agencies.

How can our consultants help your agency?

BlueIQ consultants analyze the needs of our client agencies and collaborate on a go-forward plan to set and achieve goals. We are a results-oriented team that brings hands-on experience and the best practices in law enforcement to agencies that might not otherwise have this exposure. 

We truly believe that implementing our strategies improve the quality of policing, inspire the trust of municipal leaders, protect officers and ultimately save lives.

What will BlueIQ help with?

Our consultants meet with agency leadership to understand and identify opportunities as well as goals for the department. After analyzing and evaluating current state processes, we develop a strategic plan tailored to the needs of each individual agency.

The focus of our analysis lies in accreditation, process improvement and recruitment. Experience has shown how these core activities have a powerful impact on policing as a whole.

Why choose BlueIQ?

BlueIQ consultants are geared to meet the needs of small to medium-sized departments who are dedicated to improvement.


We work with law enforcement agencies who share our vision of providing high quality, professional police services to the community.


By inspiring the trust of municipal leaders and the public alike, elite departments set themselves apart, thus attracting the best candidates and establishing a reputation that solidifies the support for the heroes who protect our streets every day.

Certifications & Training

Professional Certifications

Internal Auditing to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (ANAB)

Accreditation Team Leader Training (CFA)

Police Planners Course (IALEP)

ISO 17025 “ISO Without Tears” Training (FQS)

State Assessor Training (CFA)

Managing the Accreditation Process (CFA)

Accreditation Manager Training (CALEA)

Assessments/Mock Assessments


Conducted over 50 mock assessments for CALEA and CFA agencies

Acted as an assessment team member for CFA (state) accreditation on 8 occasions

International Association of Law Enforcement Planners
Florida Commission for Law Enforcement Accreditation
CALEA Law Enforcement Accreditation
ANAB Accreditation Board

BlueIQ Law Enforcement Consulting

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